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e-BRIDGE Print & Capture

Do a lot of things with an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet that used to be only possible with a desktop. Print and scan easily from your mobile without interrupting your workflow with an improved and attractive user interface for better usability.
All the information you need is with you all the time anywhere you go.

With e-BRIDGE Print & Capture, simply install a free app on your mobile device to easily interface with Toshiba MFPs, print documents and photos, and capture scanned data without interrupting your workflow. Using your mobile, you can do most everything that you would with your desktop.
e-BRIDGE Print & Capture’s user interface improves usability. Operation is natural and user friendly. As mobile technology evolves, so too does e-BRIDGE Print & Capture.

*e-BRIDGE Print & Capture Entry does not support Cloud and Android Print Service.


  • You can output data easily from mobile devices and from files stored in the cloud. When there’s a sudden need to output a document, as on a business trip, you can get it right away.

  • Compatibility with Android Print Service so you can print out e-mail and browser pages using your mobile. (Android only)

  • Data scanned by the MFP can be downloaded to your mobile or uploaded to the cloud for easy data sharing! For example, you can share conference notes and materials right away.

Main screen

Easy task switching using PRINT and CAPTURE tabs

Preview screen

Preview to prevent mistake

Print Service screen

Easy Android Print Service for e-mail and browser pages




HCM: 1800 588 810

HNI:   1900 588 812

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm

Sat:          8am - 12am

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