DS-WMS - Warehouse solutions

Empower and Maximize Your Warehouse Operations! Daisy Warehouse Management System (DS-WMS) is an industrial-strength warehouse management software that empowers companies to gain control over service levels of customer, warehousing costs, order turnaround time, throughput volumes, and most importantly — profits.

Thanks to DS-WMS software, integrated real-time DS-WMS information allows for unparalleled enterprise visibility of operations. The warehouse then becomes an extension of the order desk and a critical part of your business.

DS-WMS lets you deliver on your promise of improved customer service!

Businesses are often needlessly weighed down by poorly managed inventory, causing frustration and leading to lost time and revenue. Daisy warehouse management software is a powerful execution system that manages warehouse activities for order-of-magnitude improvements in warehouse and inventory management.

DS-WMS Business Benefits

Daisy Warehouse Management System (DS-WMS) software lets you:

  • Achieve 99.9% inventory accuracy with leading-edge auto ID/barcode technologies to track inventory and ensure disciplined inventory rotation, including expiration date, lot control and serial number tracking.
  • Reduce inventory levels, lost stock and carrying costs with real-time, quality information on inventory levels by location, throughout the enterprise.
  • Maximize use of warehouse space with user-configured computer-directed putaway, replenishment and inventory allocation algorithms.
  • Optimize pick labor efficiency and accuracy and improve customer order fulfillment rates with advanced picking techniques for pick and pass, batch picking and cluster picking activities all with RF scan confirmation.
  • Increase labor productivity with system-directed RF task interleaving, cross-docking, labor productivity reporting and decision-support systems.
  • Satisfy customer demand for integrated value-added services such as kitting, bills and work orders, compliance labeling and EDI, through the EliteSeries' integrated approach to distribution.
  • Eliminate costly, labor-intensive inventory discrepancies between multiple inventory databases and batch-oriented systems.