e-Bridge Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions consist of a wide range of softwares that allow you to save time and increase productivity in your various printing job. At times, simple printing tasks can stretch up to hours but this can be solved with little innovation to printing utilities. These simple, yet effective e-BRIDGE print solutions can be entrusted to get job done swiftly, reducing costs and improving employee efficiency.

Job Separator

e-BRIDGE Job Separator enhances e-STUDIO Multifunction Printers productivity by allowing it to simply and easily perform batch printing from any Windows application. It allows users to create multiple sets of jobs, divided by a separation page.

Job Build

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Job Build expands the capabilities of your Toshiba e-STUDIO MFPs by allowing it to combine multiple documents of various file types, paper types, and document settings, into a single print job. Print multiple copies of each set quickly and easily. Reduce costs by switching between color and black-and-white printing within the same job. Eliminates time-consuming sorting and hand collating.

Doc Drop

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Doc Drop improves productivity by simplifying the printing of office fi­les into a select, drag, and drop process.

Whenever you need to print a ­file with similar print settings, simply drag and drop or right-click to send the required ­le onto the handy desktop icon, Doc Drop will handle the rest for you.


Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Replicator distributes documents to multiple sources automatically, saving time and reducing workload in the process. With just a few clicks through a simple interface, documents can be printed to more than one drawer or input source at the same time. The print settings can also be retained make it the ideal tool for printing multi-part forms or documents.

Job Point

Toshiba e-BRIDGE Job Point is an utility that is able to print large print jobs within a short period of time. Straightforward and easy-to-use, Job Point automates the process of printing the same document to multiple Toshiba MFPs with a single print job, cutting down the time to complete the job by half or greater.